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International Call For Art Submissions

Deadline to submit: November 11th, 2018


It All Starts With an Idea!

We want to work with you to create your own limited edition sculptures - transforming you ideas into creations.

Unique Board is a collaborative brand which designs and manufactures limited edition art objects with some of the most inspiring creatives on Instagram. Teaming up with The TAX Collection, a creative platform acting as a catalyst for emerging artists, the two brands are launching an initiative to provide opportunities for selected artists to design and release their own collection of limited edition sculptures - bridging their artwork and creations with Unique Board’s 3D printing craftsmanship. With every round of submissions, one artist will be selected to collaborate with Unique Board on their own collection of sculptures, and dozens more will be chosen for features and interviews on the TAX Collection's publications and social media accounts.

Artists chosen to collaborate with Unique Board will have their sculptures, and the works that inspired them showcased in Unique Board’s 2019 showcase exhibition - a pop-up event in NYC.


Creating Limited Edition Collectibles

Original artwork that's carefully hand-crafted  

Based in New York, Unique Board collaborates with inspiring artists and creatives to create limited edition sculptures that are more accessible and collectible. By working with Unique Board's team of specialists, your paintings, illustrations, collages, and digital artwork can be reimagined and transformed into collectible art pieces that will be released and available to fans and collectors. 


Editorial Features and Promotion

Working to connect artists to a wider audience

Every week, selected artists from the submissions will be given full feature interviews and spreads on The TAX Collection’s website as well as being promoted throughout The TAX Collection’s social media channels. Every artist that submits is also automatically added to the TAX Gallery - a digital portal to showcase and discover emerging talent. With a community of over half a million followers, The TAX Collection’s audience is comprised of potential collectors, dozen’s of contemporary art specialists, and renowned galleries and museums. All featured artists will be considered for upcoming curatorial projects and exhibitions organized by The TAX Collection, and your profile will remain on their website for life. 




Collaborating artists with Unique Board will be included in their upcoming 2019 showcase exhibition - a pop up event in NYC displaying past and future collaborations and the works that inspired them.



Artists 18 and older are welcome to apply with works in any mediums. Artists from all countries are welcome to submit! No experience in sculptural work needed.


$30 non-refundable. Submission fees support the design, production, promotion and showcase of sculptural objects, as well as the efforts to continuously support and provide opportunities to artists all around the world. Unique Board and The TAX Collection are independent collaborators dedicated to bolstering artists of all mediums and backgrounds - we couldn't do it without you.

All artists that submit are automatically added to the TAX Gallery - a digital portal to showcase and discover emerging talent.   

Selected artists

One artist will be selected per round of submissions to collaborate with Unique Board to design and produce their own series of limited edition sculptures as well as have their work included in Unique Board’s 2019 exhibition showcase. This artist and dozens more from the submissions will also receive a full digital feature and interview that will be promoted throughout the TAX Collection’s social media channels and website. All artists that submit will have their work included in the TAX Gallery on the TAX Collection’s website for life and will automatically be considered for any upcoming curatorial projects and exhibitions.


Unique Board is a a creative agency and collaborative production lab that specializes in 3D printed, molded, and casted art objects that exist as limited edition collectible sculptures. 

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The TAX Collection provides a platform for emerging and mid career artists through exhibition, digital representation and sales, and by connecting artists to the right audiences worldwide.

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Terms of Use

Please only submit original content only. 
Your submission must be your own work and not infringe any copyright, trademark or intellectual property. 
Submissions must not be obscene, have any illegal content or include any false or inaccurate information about yourself, your work or other individuals. 

 Submissions must not contain any viruses, Trojan horses, worms or anything that are intended to damage any system, data or personal information. 

All images are copyrighted and owned by the artist.

Deadline to Submit: November 11th